Mobile First Site Design

Mobile First Site Design
Mark Zerafa: Brisbane Web Designer

I started in the design industry in 1995 and have been a Brisbane web designer for the past few years. When I was at Uni studying graphic design the internet was just starting, I still remember the lecturer starting up a computer to show us ‘the world wide web’ and the search engine was Netscape (I think?? who remembers that!) and it took a while, but the page finally opened to a screen full of predominately text.

Most of my career has been doing design/marketing on the print side of things but a few years ago I noticed the attention was shifting more to the online world. Hence I added web design as a service and soon after Mobile First Site Design was born. My experience in Design has been an integral part in making Mobile First Site Design what it is today. The principals of print design and marketing have crossed over seamlessly to the on-line world.

So many times I have met with clients and they are unsure of where to start. Taking the time to go through the process to make sure you, the client, understand what is going on every step along the journey is part of my service. I’m always only a phone call or email away and I take pride in providing the ongoing service once your site is up and running.

I would love the opportunity to sit and have a chat (and maybe a coffee) with you to discuss your website needs.