Custom Training Videos for our clients

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View some examples of the training videos we have made for our existing clients. The custom videos are for clients wanting to make alterations and additions to their website themselves. We just give them a few pointers along the way so it is nice and easy for them.

Our client Shoreline Yamaha wanted to be able to add new pre-owned listings to their website. So we made training video for them to show them how they can add the new listing as soon as they get it in-store. 

Another training video we made was for Vintage Love Flowers and Décor. They wanted to be able to resize images and add new products to their online store.  Here is one of the tutorials we made for them:

An easy way to make training videos if you are just wanting to do a screen recording is to use zoom. Training someone how to do something onscreen in zoom is easy and it only takes a few minutes.